Changde Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Visited Our Company to Research the Open Economy

Date: 2018-12-12
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   On August 15th afternoon, Changde vice mayor Yang Chengying accompanied by the party secretary and the director of business bureau  Tu XianChun, the deputy director Tan Yuandeng and other related person to research the open economy construction. The deputy District Chief of Dingcheng Zhong Kecheng, attended this research accompanied by Yang Xueping, High-Tech       zone Management Committee Director. Company deputy General Manager Mr. Zhang Wei received warmly with related department head.
   From mold room, injection molding workshop, aging workshop, assembly workshop, to dispensing area, The Vice Mayor had a site visit in the factory for the production of each link with detailed interpretation from the Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhang Wei. He mainly introduced project progress, industrial park construction process and the modular structure. The Vice Mayor of Yang Chengying highly praised and pointed out that dingcheng district had introduced the content of science and technology of a good project. She also carefully inquired about the company's production plan and layout of import and export business.
Changde Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Visited Our Company to Research the Open Economy

Visit the aging line
Changde Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Visited Our Company to Research the Open Economy

Visit the Assembly Line
   In dispensing area, the Vice Mayor of Yang ChengYing kindly inquired manufacturing workers’ graduation, their majors, and praised their high concentration on their specific work. When she realized that our company was facing the difficulty of professional talents introduction, she pointed out that our company is a very promising company, if necessary, the government can help our company contact universities, vocational schools and recruit talents according to the requirements of market and enterprise culture.
Changde Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Visited Our Company to Research the Open Economy


Inquiring Dispensing Area Production Employees

   After watching the product technology promotion in the conference room on the second floor in the factory, the Vice Mayor Yang Chengying praised that the company's products can be application field widely, and the value of its magic assembly application methods has a boundless prospects .
   During the subsequent "municipal research dingcheng district open economy and index achieving status debriefing”,  Mr. Zhang Wei was invited to the site to speak as the only one enterprise representatives without the export performance. He said, since the company had settled down in Changde, deeply felt the financial care from investment leaders at all levels and departments in Changde area. He expressed his appreciation on behalf of our company for the“nanny service”from the governments at all levels. He also pointed out that it was reason that the project construction developed rapidly and reached the predicted expectations. In the next step, the company shall meet the expectations of the government at all levels; make full use of all resources; build the semiconductor lighting industry leader in changde region combined with a variety of marketing model, and serve the local government and the people with our performances. At the same time, he put forward four constructive suggestions: first is changde region related supporting industry has not yet formed, as the LED industry enterprises, the cost in the production and operation is relatively high; Second is professional talent shortage, talent introduction difficulties; Third is a high-tech zone software and hardware construction is deficient, not only inconvenient in transportation, but also in culture, entertainment and other infrastructure which is not conducive to enterprises to introduce talents, retain staff; Fourth is the enterprise import and export business related policy still not very clear.
   Vice Mayor, Yang Chengying thought that Zhang Wei’s speech is inductive, so, she said that Mr. Zhang was seeking truth from facts, and exactly got the main point. The Municipal Party Committee will further around the "open city, industrial city" strategy, open our concept, increase support for innovative technology enterprise, precise docking enterprise board and requirements, provide accurate service, and promote the development of industry. Finally, make Changde become the highland of industry technology.
Changde Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Visited Our Company to Research the Open Economy

 Symposium Scene
Changde Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Visited Our Company to Research the Open Economy

Vice Mayor, Yang Chengying was Speaking
Changde Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Visited Our Company to Research the Open Economy

Vice General Manager Mr. Zhang Wei

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