The Speech Activity (Phase One) of Yuegang Mookray s marketing staff came to a successful end

Date: 2018-12-12
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        On the afternoon of 19 August, "The Speech Activity of Yuegang Mookray  s marketing staff" was held in the conference room on the second floor, all the staff in Change HQ were attended the event. This activity aimed to build a platform for showing and sharing in a free, relaxed and lively way, so that Mookray people can establish the value of "learning, recognition, thought   and encourage Mookray people to make close connection between personal career development   and company development so that we can realize the great vision of   seeing the lighting but no light, making the lighting intellectual   in modular lighting industry.
 The Speech Activity (Phase One) of Yuegang Mookray s marketing staff came to a successful end
Speech Activity Event
      The speech is not limited to the theme, and hosted by Wang Yun, judged by general manager Ye Chengzhi, vice general manager Zhang Wei and other relevant person. The contestants, Liu Mingli, Jiang Hongqiong, Huang Xin, Li Lin, Xiang Zhiming, Zheng Hong, Tang Hui Lin, Zheng Xinzhao and Long Zhijun ,from marketing center, are not only talking about the company development but also their position, and made a good point on industry 4.0 and innovation, development concept, product property, marketing and company management. Illustrated their thoughts and harvest since they have been in the position, as well as the opinion and suggestion of the company development, they have great expectations for company development.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
        Liu Mingli, Zheng Xingzhao and Jiang Hongqiong, they made their points from the current situation of China  s economic and industrial development, respectively brought up three propositions of "China Dream and Mookray Dream", "the best of times" and " innovation". China dream, is a dream to achieve the great rejuvenation of China, passed down to generations to generations with perseverance and persistence. As to Mookray dream, is a dream to push forward the upgrade and transformation of domestic industry and innovation, Mookray people will take actual actions to devote to the great rejuvenation of Chinese Nation, and propel the   China Dream   to a higher level by realizing   Mookray Dream   .   The best of times  , is the times that we accompany together all the way. No matter poverty or difficulty, no matter disaster or happiness, no matter grief or joy, we all will march forward hand in hand and side by side. In the proposition of "innovation", Jiang Hongqiong expressed her unique opinion on the classic economic term   Bucket Theory   combining with the concept and living examples of modularization. The growth of enterprises can not be separated from the soil of society. How to realize the dynamic balance between enterprise development and social progress will be the most important factor to promote enterprise development. Only innovation can reduce the possibility of being affected by social potential risk, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.
        Huang Xin and Long Zhijun chose the features of Mookray products as basis, made further exploration and discussion against   the modularization  . Huang Xin further explained the meaning of "modularization", which expanded and extended to the modularization development history and modularization application scenarios. Modularization design, modularization manufacturing and modularization management. "Modularization" actually is to rebuild the process of configuration, provides us a new opportunity to recognize the world and the industrial civilization. The core value of "modularization" is that it can satisfy consumers' diversified demand and desire, because of its standardization and generalization, it can reasonably control the manufacturing cost to realize the high efficient circle of   demand    design    production    market  , and eventually make full and reasonable use of the resources .
        How to transform the core idea of "modularization" into social productive forces is the problem that Mookray has to constantly think and examine on the way of development. Li Lin, Xiang Zhiming and Zheng Hong, respectively brought up their personal opinions and suggestions on the "Pattern and marketing", "thinking spread", and  "home lighting". And the height of the pattern, will determine the breadth and depth of marketing in a large extent. Marketing in 21st century, integrated more content and knowledge of consumer insight, consumer cognition, consumer psychology, how to stand in different view of the relationship between the market and marketing, it urgently need the answer from the enterprises themselves. Market promotion, is mostly focusing on thought, beyond the product, it is the final way of resource transformation and the transmission of the value of the industry chain. Accurately grasping the consumer demands, directly striking consumer pain points, cultivating consumer habits, will become the three important factors in market promotion. Home lighting as the most important lighting application scenario of light transmission and creating light environment, will be the battle field  Mookray people will strive for, just for bringing more warm, more healthier, more stable light into the tens of thousands of households.

 The Speech Activity (Phase One) of Yuegang Mookray s marketing staff came to a successful end
 Speech by Tang Huilin
        Product and market, after all, can not do without the excellent operation and management. Implementation provides basic guarantee for standard operation of the enterprises to ensure high-efficient operation between the mechanism and the procedure; And flexibility, it is greatly given the ability to deal with the turbulent environment. Tang Hui Lin philosophically connected the implementation with flexibility by 5 understandable story. At the beginning he stated the system culture of "Spartan phalanx" initiated by Lenovo , and then extended the cooperation mechanism by the story of three monks. When he spoke of the 38 theory, it really brought us into deep thinking that differentiation caused by the 8 hours beyond the working hours. In the company's operation, the willpower and wit of "Chen Atu" will cause new thinking for the team development. Finally, he put forward the responsibilities and requirements that Mookray people should have from three levels of company strategy, implementation and operation.                                                                                                                                     
      After more than two hours of presentation, Vice General Manager Zhang Wei announced the score of each speaker, Tang Hui Lin, Long Zhijun, Li Lin won the top three respectively.Vice General Manager Zhang Wei further expressed that speaking is the basic art for marketing staff and it is the necessary skill, also score is not the ultimate goal, but going to a further step.
 The Speech Activity (Phase One) of Yuegang Mookray s marketing staff came to a successful end
Vice general manager announcing the result
        After the speech activity, the general manager Ye Chengzhi gave his comments on the speakers, he affirmed the speaker  s courage to speak in front of the colleagues, encouraged us to seize the opportunity in the future development to show ourselves and realize our personal ideals and values. At the same time, general manager Ye Chengzhi also pointed out the shortcomings of the speech presentation, urged us to continuously understand the connotation of "modularization" itself and its value and significance for future industrial development.
 The Speech Activity (Phase One) of Yuegang Mookray s marketing staff came to a successful end
General Manager Ye Chenzhi making comments
        Since the foundation of Yuegang Mookray, it always put the talent training as the company's top priority, this speech presentation, it is not only just for the marketing staff, but also hope that we can take this opportunity to establish a long-term self-learning mechanism, and clearly understand company  s philosophy and product value by learning, keeping on the same page for both personal thoughts and company development, so that realizing the strategic goal from each stage, and ultimately to achieve the personal value of each Mookray  s people, and achieve the China Dream, Mookray Dream.

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