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Case name: Hui Pai Hall
Description: The decoration of the Huipai Hall lasted for 5 days. It was also our first attempt to use the module for indoor home decoration. We used twenty thousands of modules. The hall was built with the gray tiles and white walls and windows unique to the ancient Chinese HuiPai style architecture.  Modular smart home systems are also installed in this hall, including intelligent lighting, intelligent audio system, intelligent voice control, motion detection and other intelligent security functions. Mookray modular new material was used for space decoration, including wall, floor, ceiling and all furniture fittings. It is simple and convenient, flexible and fast in installation process, and can be easily disassembled and combined with other parts of room design. Compared with traditional decoration, labor and material costs are greatly reduced.Can you imagine that the lights, tea table, and chairs, landscape paintings and walls in the hall, all these are made from the small module? That'...
Description: Ming Qing Dynasty Style HallMing Qing Dynasty Style HallMing Qing Dynasty Style Hall entire exhibition area is 127m2. It is assembled according to the Zhengda Guangming Hall of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It is made up of 100,000 Mookray modules. The whole hall is decorated with red and gold, which is also the representative color of the ancient imperial power.“Zhengda Guangming”Golden dragon throneGolden ThroneMing Qing HallQingming Yayun Hall, the entire space of which is arranged according to a style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a total of 74.2m2 this hall is consist of all kinds of furniture, such as chairs, sofa, decorated wall.
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The emergence of modularity seems to interpret a word - infinite possibilities,
 yes, infinite possibilities.
From a single module, to every side of the assembly, every corner,
full of the wisdom and sweat of the model people.
In these modular works created by the hands-on,
there are the charms and souls that the craftsmen have placed on them.
They are flexible and diverse in the assembly,
and can decorate every corner of life according to different scenes. .
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