Master of Chinese Famous Calligrapher, the National Art Mast

Date: 2018-12-05
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       On May 9, master of Chinese famous calligrapher, the national art master of the state council Mr Yu Changhai visits the company. And he was received warmly by Wen Zhiping, the president of Yuegang venture board of directors, Zhang Wei, the vice general manager, and Wen Yanchuan, the purchasing director etc.

Master of Chinese Famous Calligrapher, the National Art Mast
        Mr Yu Changhai is China's famous contemporary calligrapher, classical literature professor, ancient historian, and culturally relic connoisseur. At present he holds a series of positions, such as a member of Chinese Calligrapher Association, a consultant of Shanghai Hongqiao Art Academy, one of the artists department committee of Chinese Talent Research Association, a researcher of Chinese Calligraphy Institute, a committee member of the Chinese Traditionally Culture of Chinese Characters, the director of the center for members, the national art master of the state council appointed to calligraphy masters of the state council and so on. He has been engaged in the calligraphy art for more than 50 years, and always adhere to the combination of inheritance and innovation, and endow calligraphy with give historical connotation and modern fashion. In 2009, the Chairman sent his calligraphy to the presidents from North Korea, Russia and other countries as a national gift, which received favorable comments, and had a influential significance. And then he became the leading figure of traditional Chinese classical calligraphy art for a time, and wrote a glorious page in the history of contemporary calligraphy art in China.
Master of Chinese Famous Calligrapher, the National Art Mast

Master of Chinese Famous Calligrapher, the National Art Mast
        Accompanied by the company leadership, Mr Yu Changhai cheerfully visits the factory and the construction site. Standing in front of the 13th factory building, Mr Yu Changhai says excitedly: "This is my first time to meet such a big lift and this kind of workshop...". Our factory assembly line, and passion of the worker in the construction site left a very deep impression to the calligraphy master. 
Master of Chinese Famous Calligrapher, the National Art Mast
        Before the end of the visit, Mr Yu Changhai had known the company’s schedule of the project construction, the control of the project’s quality and the time plan of the project in detail. He also represents that the electronic manufacturing industry is the key supporting industry in China, and hopes we'll keep in innovation, constantly improve the innovation ability, pay attention to the independent intellectual property rights protection and utilization, improve the position in industry, and make a significant difference in promoting the regional economy and developing the lighting industry.

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