Ougude Visited Yuegang Mookray and Discussed New Ideas of Enterprise Management

Date: 2018-12-12
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    In August 12th, the chief adviser Shenzhen Ougude Enterprise Management Consultants Ltd Zhang Ruiqing and the Senior Consultant Fang Hua visited our company, has brought some new ideas and understanding of the issues related to enterprise management which we discussed before, had a depth discussions and communications with our chief engineer Zhu Heng and the relevant responsible person again. Our chief engineer Zhu Heng also put forward some of our new ideas, two sides mainly communicated on the six elements of enterprise management methods again.
Ougude Visited Yuegang Mookray and Discussed New Ideas of Enterprise Management
Communication site: Ougude chief adviser.
    Ontology, target, center, interaction, capability and guarantee are the management methods which creatively put forward by Yuegang Mookray, and Yuegang Mookray hopes to find and solve problems in the work through these six factors.
    The chief adviser of Ougude think that the six elements are a whole, the whole is a subject, and the corresponding is object, the subject is to provide value for the object, and the object is the subject existence value. The six elements are the combination of deficiency and fact, and the subject will change at any time. Taking corporate culture as an example, our goal is to build teams that are efficient and have common values, and then our object is our employees and even distributors or agents. An object may not be a person or a group only, it is plural.
 Ougude Visited Yuegang Mookray and Discussed New Ideas of Enterprise Management

   The six elements have lives, which is able to create value continually, its core is value, such as modular innovative products which we launched is the value, the target is also the reflection of the value, and the value is caused by a series of factors.
   The chief adviser of Ougude said that the value of Yuegang Mookray could be the product, lighting network, corporate welfare and various patents, the value could be equivalent to the subject, at the same time it also could become our specific target. The value and goal is directly interactive, and this interaction is a process of formation, involving two aspects: creating value and transferring value. The final direction of the subject is the object, which is the realization of the value, and the subject is actually a tool to realize the value of the object.
Ougude Visited Yuegang Mookray and Discussed New Ideas of Enterprise Management

    After this discussion and communication, Ougude and Yuegang Mookray had a new understanding and made a new consensus of six elements of management method. Six elements enterprise management method, it must be a system, and it could be refined at the same time. From the subject to the object, the object is constantly assessing the subject, such as how about our R & D products, and how about our corporate culture?
    The management mode of Yuegang Mookray refers to the basic method of business strategy, strategy analysis, design, planning, monitoring and so on, which followed in the enterprise management mode, and it is also the management culture which apply to all systems in Yuegang Mookray. Our purpose is to find a strong, controllable management model that will allow us to maximize the value and energy of our innovative product marketing model.

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