Changde Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Leader visited our company for inspection

Date: 2018-12-12
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        On the afternoon of July 26, Changde Municipal Committee, Organization Minister Zhong Liang, the Municipal Organization Department Deputy Minister Yunhua Zhang visit our company for inspection. Dingcheng District Changde City Secretary Yi Yang, deputy mayor Hui Xiong, director of the high-tech zone management committee Yang Xueping accompanied by inspection. Our company GM Chengzhi Ye together with heads of every departments had warmly reception. 

        First of all, GM Chengzhi Ye introduced the development and importance of Mold room to the presence, made explanation for the advantage of automation injection production line. After watching product technical videos in the conference room, GM Mr Ye reported the patent layout, the major project declaration, the primary achievement of Hunan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the progress of the cooperation with the important customers and the market demand for the product. Minister Liang said that Changde can have such a project is very encouraging, and it is good for the future development of Changde. At this stage the relevant departments need to form concerted effort to help enterprises solve practical problems, especially for the lack of talent, to do good job of policy support, to help human resources stable. 

Changde Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Leader visited our company for inspection
Visiting Mold Room and Injection Production Line
Changde Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Leader visited our company for inspection
Watching Product Technical Videos in the Conference Room

        Finally, Minister Liang Zhong visited the company's semiconductor modular industrial park construction site. General Manager Ye Chengzhi reported the progress of industrial park construction, R & D center construction standards. Liang said that the company's industrial chain can be infinitely extended from a certain extent, it would be very beneficial to drive project investment for the middle and lower reaches of related industries in high-tech zones. Company’s product had unlimited potential in the lighting show and other urban construction, meanwhile it can cultivate and guide consumption, change people's consumption patterns. At the same time, Minister Liang made constructive suggestion on the layout of the industrial park: take the "industrial + tourism" model, strengthen the industrial tourism development, set the experience center, provide new life experience and consumption patterns to the public and tourists, open up new ways of revenue generating.

Changde Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Leader visited our company for inspection
Inspecting the industrial park construction site

        Minister Liang stressed that for the future promising enterprises which had the formation of a patent pool, Municipal Organization Department will carry out the following four aspects of work to help the development, First, the scientific research personnel, for key enterprises, to focalize, Talent funding subsidy policy; Second, the meet talent demand of enterprises; Third, focus on key enterprises in the park, offer good business services; Fourth, as the next year’s important supporting object of municipal party committee. 

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