" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",

Date: 2018-12-05
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        On May 26, " The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ", hosted by the Beijing association for the advancement of private economic development, China council for the promotion of quality tour, the national industry Institute and other units, officially held in Huaxi village in Jiangsu province, Hunan Yuegang photoelectric technology co., LTD was invited to attend as the vice President of Units.

" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
        During the meeting, the representative of the 18th CPC National Congress, the party secretary of Huaxi village, Wu Xieen is presenting the keynote speech based on the topic "transformation, promote the development of innovative open up the future". The secretary said that transforming the ideas or concepts is the most important thing.

       So, we do a business must know, we can't adopt the old-fashioned way to deal with problems now, that is to say, the vulgar expanded reproduction has been out of date. Now, we need to do differentiation, and pay much more attention on the varieties of products, and research and development innovation. Following this way, we can coruscate and stand out in a new image in the big bang.
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
Secretary of the Party Committee of Huaxi village
        The Secretary says that we should lead development trend by adopting "innovative consciousness" rather than give the "old ideas" a chance to bound our hands and feet. General Secretary has pointed out: "neither no innovation, nor slowly innovation. If we don’t know innovation, making innovation or pursuing it, we may fall into strategically passive position, and miss opportunities, even miss a whole era! I think that Chinese economy enters the new normal position, we cannot simply use the old-fashioned way to face now, because the past key can't open the present lock, and innovation is the only right way. 

        The secretary said:” I've been paying close attention on an American entrepreneur -Elon Musk, who was known as the biggest innovator in Silicon Valley after Jobs. From electric vehicles to solar energy, from launching a rocket to immigrating to Mars, and then to the recently developing super high-speed rail, Musk have set foot in every industry, which is beyond our imagination, also give us profound enlightenment. The reason is that innovation can lead an industry, even overturn an industry.
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
Ye Chengzhi, general manager (right 1) is invited to take a photo with attending leaders
        The president of Beijing council for the promotion of private economic development, Jia Hailu; the general secretary Zhongguancun Social Organization Federation, Dai Jian; the chief engineer of state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, Zhao Bin; the deputy director of the finance and economic committee of the 11th National People's Congress, He Jian; the representative of the 18th CPC National Congress and the secretary of Communist Party of Jiangyin city Huaxi Xinshi County, Wu Xieen; the vice chief minister of ministry of science and technology, Wu Zhongze and other leaders met with the outstanding entrepreneurs together, exploring the development of the private enterprises.

        The meeting focused and discussed the development of the real economy from many sides. The international macro economy, global economic integration, financial innovation, the spirit of craftsman, intellectual property and tax reform, investment and mergers and acquisitions, brand building and so on which have a profound influence on China's economy is emphatically discussed during the meeting. This is also a deeper analysis of the development process of enterprise forms under the "supply-side reform ".
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
Ye Chengzhi, the general manager office accept the appointment of association vice-chairman unit
        Hunan Yuegang photoelectric Technology Co,. Ltd is a company with independent intellectual property rights, integrating research and development, manufacture as an innovative enterprise. It is the world's first modular Semiconductor Lighting technology develop function modules standard rather than have a standard of lamps and lanterns, which will push and completely change the existing pattern of global semiconductor lighting industry chain.

        So the project has gained highly national attention and support: In 2012, the project was identified as a major resource-saving demonstration project by NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission); In 2013, the technical development goals of this project were adopted by the national panel of experts. It was written in the guidance of the state department's energy-efficient environmental protection industry as an industrial development policy guide; In 2014, the project was awarded 60 million yuan as a clean development loan from the world bank's Asia branch. In 2015, the project was reviewed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a major project of industrial energy and green development. It was ranked 32nd comprehensively among the 518 green development projects across the country.
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
The chief engineer Zhu Heng Won the award of Chinese leader for Innovative Undertaking
        Hunan Yuegang Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd joints the electronic engineering department of Tsinghua University and USTC ring light college and other research institutions as the expert team. They break the usual product architecture, adopted for 20 years, the semiconductor lighting industry with dozens of independent patent technology, which leads to our subversive innovation. And the company should be really realized to provide users with "personalized, differentiated, internationalization, digital" lighting products. 

        Neither be dizzy with success, nor be discouraged by failure; perseverance is the source of his strength, belief is the light of his life."

        Zhu Heng, the chief engineer’s spirit and strong beliefs are a positive force affecting each Yuegang employee deeply to forge ahead!
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
        The town with Chinese characteristics is that the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance and the Department of housing construction decided to work around the country to carry out the characteristic town. By 2020, there will be 1000 or so towns have their own characteristics, such as dynamic leisure tourism, trade logistics, modern manufacturing, education, science and technology, traditional culture, features of beautiful livable town, etc, which can led the construction of the small cities and towns across the country.

       With the rise of new technology such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, chain blocks and so on, how to make use of new technology to strive for new development is worth thinking.

       This company is devoted to build a environmental high-tech modular semiconductor lighting industrial park integrated scientific research and network marketing operation in Changde national high-tech industrial development zone. 1440 mu of land for Park master plan, invested 5 billion yuan, the park become the gathering place of the domestic semiconductor lighting industry in Changde.

        The meeting leader talked about the town with Chinese characteristics, and repeatedly praised and agreed with the business and innovation model of Yuegang Photoelectric Technology. What’s more, they had a deep discussion with Ye Chengzhi, the general manager of our company.
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
" The Third Session of Chinese Private Economy Huaxi BBS ",
        The meeting is significant, the company gained a lot and at the same time, a greater harvest is that because of the speech the company has become very confident and clear about the enterprise innovation and development. And the company also gained the praise and recognition from other attending alliance entrepreneurs. 

        It is power, but also a spur. Each journey begins with a single step. Yuegang people need to firm our faith, speed up the paceWe also have to follow the core values of the enterprise: serving the country by the industry; taking the social responsibility with bravery; grasping the trend of the future to achieve win-win; adhering to innovation; mastering the core technology; making excellent product; providing sincere service. So we can complete the mission together. Promoting the 8 emerging industries which have 5 trillion marketing to develop rapidly in our country, such as intelligent city, intelligent household, optical communication, optical growth, light growing, light treatment, etc. can make the semiconductor lighting industry become the benchmarking industry of "Made in China 2025".

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