Changde High-Tech IndustrialDevelopment Zone Leader Excludin

Date: 2018-12-05
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        On February 6th, 2017, a group of leaders of Changde high-tech industrial development zone, visit Hunan Yuegang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., special personnel docking, office operations for the company's each link in the scene, excluding the difficulty and anxiety for the company operations of each site.

Changde High-Tech IndustrialDevelopment Zone Leader Excludin
        During the talk, we put forward the difficulties and resistance in our work such as: temporary office space needs to expand , the number of staff dormitories should be increased etc. The leadership made a on-the-spot discussion and efficiently solved all the company's immediate difficulties.

       Apparently, the project of our company has drawn a great attention of the high and new technology industrial development zone of Changde. Hunan Yuegang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. appreciates it and would speed up the project to produce.

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