Five opportunities in the lighting industry in the new era

Date: 2018-07-18
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Five opportunities in the lighting industry in the new era



Traditional lighting is a seemingly inconspicuous industry, but because of the explosive growth of LED lighting and application iterations, this less-focused industry has gradually moved from behind the scenes to the front, and is also receiving attention from the capital market.

LED technology has spawned lighting industry revolution

The lighting industry before 2010 can be called the “pre-LED era” (or the traditional lighting era), and the LED lighting application penetration rate and penetration rate are still low. In the capital market, there are only a handful of lighting companies listed, such as Feile Audio, Foshan Lighting, Zhejiang Sunshine, and Snowlight Optoelectronics. The common characteristics of these enterprises: large sales volume or large number of domestic market outlets, thus agglomerating a larger sales scale. Therefore, the size and scale of the company is the biggest criterion for assessing whether a lighting company has investment value.

This is determined by the current product attributes. The three factors of “speed + channel + manufacturing” basically directly affect sales.

But after entering 2011, the lighting industry has undergone dramatic changes – because of the rapid penetration and popularity of LED lighting, the industry has suddenly changed. The proportion and attention of LED companies in the capital market has greatly increased.

As of May 2017, the number of LEDs in the main board market has reached more than 60 in the middle and lower reaches and related companies. Large-scale lighting companies with annual output value of over 5 billion, such as NVC Lighting, Op Lighting and Mulinsen, have emerged. This is an unimaginable phenomenon in the era of traditional lighting.

All of this is an industry change brought about by new LED technologies and new applications, especially since 2011. In 2011-2015, the LED lighting industry is a phase of technology-driven change and rapid replacement:

LED mid-upstream enterprises with technological advantages and manufacturing advantages through technology conversion and scale production, 6-9 months of technology update frequency, rapidly promote the transformation of downstream application enterprises, and also use LED lighting with small market base and small volume. The application market replaces the traditional lighting market like rocket speed, and the new industry landscape is rewritten accordingly;

After the end of 2015, as LED technology and prices matured and stabilized, the LED lighting market also began to enter an optimization and concentration stage.

Focus on new opportunities in the future of the lighting industry


After the initial pattern of the initial shape, the LED lighting industry will have some new opportunities in the future.


The answer is of course!


1 First, the maturity or iteration of new light sources and new technologies.

Years ago, a variety of new products or application technologies such as communication lighting, fiber optic lighting, and laser lighting have emerged and are constantly being explored and improved. However, in an era of increasingly technological innovation, new "unicorns" and innovators will surely emerge in this field.

2 Second, new applications may change the traditional way of lighting.

In the future, the integration of LED and building materials, decoration materials and household products will also be a new trend, thus changing some of the inherent lighting methods. For example, does the makeup mirror with its own lighting function replace the traditional mirror headlights? Will the LED illuminating glass curtain wall change the way the existing building facade is illuminated? These innovative applications are worth looking forward to.

3 Third, the industry and market opportunities brought about by the new supply chain model.

The traditional industry sales model basically belongs to the B2B2C model, but the C2M flexible customization model based on big data has become a recognized new trend. The large enterprises such as Hongling, Haier and Midea have made earlier explorations in these aspects and obtained The leading edge.

Then, in the future, people's lives will be more admired in the era of personalization and customization. Will lighting applications also appear as pioneers or leading companies in the new supply chain model of C2M or C2F? This will definitely be there, for example, the Hong Kong and Guangdong model companies have begun to explore.

4 Fourth, the integration of lighting in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The cross-border alliance between Opt and Huawei, Philips and Xiaomi, Philips and China Mobile, NVC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloud computing center conveyed a new signal, that is, the integration of lighting in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

5 Fifth, the electronic trend of lighting products.

The emergence of LEDs makes lighting products more electronic, and electronic means the access of electronic information technology, electronic technology and applications, so that the innovation of lighting products is full of imagination. For example, the interaction between light and architecture, light and art, light and space, light and people becomes more imaginative, transcending the concepts and categories of general lighting. The application market generated by the trend of electronic lighting may create greater opportunities.


Iterations from incandescent lamps to fluorescent and halogen lamps have been used for nearly a hundred years;

From traditional lighting to popular LED lighting, it only took more than ten years, this is the power of new technology!

In the future, we look forward to the emergence of newer, stronger and more diverse lighting technologies, products and applications to create a healthier, more efficient, more energy-efficient and new life for human beings.

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