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On the morning of 26th June, the Chairman of Yuegang Venture Capital Group board of directors, Wen Zhiping, led the Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce delegation to visit our company. Our general manager Ye Chengzhi accompanied the expedition with company executives. The delegation visited the Modular Semiconductor Industrial Park construction site, asked about the production plan. Our general manager Ye Chengzhi, emphatically introduced the project investment plan, construction schedule and product future sales model. The delegation gave a high evaluation on the fast  site construction sc...
Release time: 2018 - 12 - 12
On the afternoon of June 22nd, we Hunan Yuegang Mookray Industrial Co., Ltd held an Industry-Academy-Research cooperation signing ceremony with Hunan University of Arts and Science Physics and Electronic Science Institute in our company conference hall. Our GM Chengzhi Ye, assistant to president of Hunan University of Arts and Science and dean of Physics and Electronic Science Institute Heng Qi, secretary Dongwen Wang, Vice president Yongfu Long, special guest high-tech zone management committee director Xueping Yang, members of committee and Merchants Cooperation direct Renxin Huang, Soc...
Release time: 2018 - 12 - 12
On the morning of June 20,it is the second time that the master of calligraphy in State Council Changhai Yu and his delegation visited us after their last visit in May.  Chairman of the board of Yuegang VC Zhiping Wen, our GM Chengzhi Ye and relevant leaders accompanied all the time.  Firstly,the visiting delegation inspected the construction site of the modular semiconductor industrial park  “You are doing very well in the control of project scheduling and personnel dispatch.”the visiting delegation spoke highly of planning and construction of the industrial park and project scale, after hear...
Release time: 2018 - 12 - 12
Hunan Yuegang Mookray Industrial Co., Ltd. is actively preparing for the official production currently, Increasing the staff quantity and recruiting a batch of new employees. On the morning of 16th June, 2017, the company held a staff training assembly and new staff welcome ceremony in the factory training room. The company executives, department heads and others over 50 employees in total attended the meeting. Vice-general manager Zhang Wei made a speech about "seize the opportunity, grasp the present, meet the challenge,"  enthusiastically cheer for the new staff; Purchas...
Release time: 2018 - 12 - 12
June 13, Yewen Ma the party secretary and director of Human resources and Social Bureau of Changde city together with investment businessman from Zhuhai Chamber of commerce visited us for site inspection. Deputy Secretary Jinping Zhu of Dingcheng District, Hui Xiong  of deputy district head and High-tech zone Work Committee Secretary and Xueping Yang of high-tech zone management committee director accompany with for inspection. Yewen Ma and his delegation visited our construction site and several production workshops, and asked the detailed information for construction of industrial ...
Release time: 2018 - 12 - 12
The chief engineer Zhu Heng authorized the national patent office, the patent name is "a pluggable LED metal ball lamp supporting flexible strip lamp module", patent number: 2014106160610.In addition, the company has a "modular solid light", "a modular frame and decorative component technology" and "a radiator and chip package integrated light source structure" three patents pending. Project founder Mr. Zhu Heng - leading talent of national strategic emerging industry, Vice president of Anhui Provincial Association of scientists and entrepreneurs, H...
Release time: 2018 - 12 - 12
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